Sunday, April 11, 2010

Work Teams

Team building and creating teams are very important in the workplace and different teams can come to rise such as Advice Teams. As the name suggests Advice Teams are there to provide more information in order for managers to make a sound decision. Quality circles are a good example of such a group and they make suggestions toward quality improvement. However Advice Teams are known to have a low degree of technical specialization but they also make proposals and sometimes decisions. Then there is the Production Team which is assigned to perform to day to day operations. They also have a low degree of technical specialization but they have a high degree of communication and coordination with other work units. That is usually because the work they do is related to or affected by something else such as railroad maintenance crews requiring updated information about damage reports and the needed repairs from train crews, and in turn the train crews need to know where the maintenance crew is working at exactly. There is also Project Teams who's job is to solve problems and therefore require a lot of creativity, and specialized knowledge. Depending on the project this team can have a high degree of coordination or a low degree of coordination depending on whether or not it is a traditional unit, low, or a cross functional unit, which requires a high degree of coordination. Lastly, there are Action Teams and such teams are exemplified by sports team, airlines, and surgical teams because they combine high specialization with high coordination. Everyone on the teams bring their skill set and it varies within groups such as the coach, manager, players, trainer, etc.

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