Sunday, April 4, 2010

Is the conflict a commonplace or a taboo into the company? At all the levels?

The phenomenon is commonplace as humans. Working together is rubbing unlike others. Conflict is inherent in the ability we have to adapt. It also depends on the mode of management rules or institutionalized by the company, the practice of communication and dialogue. The conflict may move up one level to another if the manager does not handle the situation or whether it is involved. At the top of the hierarchy, the frozen conflicts are numerous. At this level of responsibility, do not let the problems seem. There is great difficulty in saying things. And from a company with 50 people and 2,000 people, levels of complexity and stakes are also different, hence different management conflicts. On a personal level, the risk is it an emotional one. In the case of a dispute with a person, it may not be comfortable, to lose confidence in it, start making mistakes. It's a vicious circle and the person feels increasingly isolated. It is therefore the same consequences as in a case of harassment. For now, there is a decrease in performance and efficiency. The energies are put into opposition from people in the conflict. But on a company level it has to be clarified and not to be a taboo. People can speak about conflicts they’re facing or they’re feeling for the good of the company.

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