Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chapter 6

Commitment to an organization is a very important quality when looking for prospective employees. It is not one of those things that really sticks out to me or that I would think of when being interviewed (or hiring someone). However, it is a hassle for a company to be constantly looking for new employees, training them, and just getting used to the change of things, only to find out that they are leaving soon. I know I would be very frustrated if I were an employer. Part of the challenge of staying with a company for so long is the fear that the company will essentially become your life. Most people are not used to the idea that they will be stuck somewhere or committed to something forever, and they wan the opportunity to expand and explore before they find themselves in a rut. I can understand this need to figure out what else is out there, but at the same time, interviewees should make it clear to their employer if they are having doubts about staying with that company for a long period of time. One thing to be noted is that those employees who do stay with an organization for several years and have proven their commitment are generally the ones who are promoted to more powerful and higher paying positions. So, there is an incentive to work hard and be loyal.

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