Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Building Trust

The section I found most interesting in chapter 11 was on building trust. I found this interesting because trust is a key component in working well with others and if it does not exist, can negatively impact the group’s ability to function.

The first method mentioned is communication. It is important that team members be informed and able to share ideas. If communication is lacking, it is possible to de- value a teammate or slow down efficiency. Respect is absolutely necessary to protect communication so that all members of the group feel comfortable sharing their opinions.

Being supportive is another tactic in gaining trust. The chapter describes being supportive as being approachable, along with providing help, coaching, and encouragement. These actions build a strong foundation for communication and help to improve the dynamic of the team.

By relating these ideas mentioned in the chapter to previous experiences of working in a group, I came to the conclusion that they will in fact build trust amongst team members. In my experiences, communication has been both the success and downfall of the group. When the lines of communication are open, the entire team seems to work more efficiently, whereas when communication is failing, the quality of work deteriorates and motivation falls for those who feel they cannot get their point across.

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