Sunday, April 25, 2010

What are the strengths of Du Pont's approach to managing change?p534

-       The chairman of DUPONT was very reactive toward the bad economic situation: he asked the managers to participate to a new way of management, due to the current crisis. Thus, the managers are aware of the company’s situation and of its will to face it.

-       The company was not afraid of cost cutting, because it realized that it was for its own good.

-       The immediate reactivity in reducing the costs is another strength for this company: it enables the company to act in the good way as fast as possible. The strength lies in the fact that the managers are aware of the situation and do not want to be blind; they know what will help their company to survive the crisis.

-       The deadline of two or three months shows that the leaders want fast actions.

-       The involvement of Holliday in the change management is so good that is becomes ‘contagious’: all the employees usually behave as their manager, and such a manager is a good way of developing change.

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