Monday, April 26, 2010

What is an organization?

The word organization is one we use in our vocabulary all of the time, but how many of us truly know how to define what an organization is. Unless you've taking a course in Organizational Behavior, describes the characteristics of an organization may not be so simple. Chapter 17 focuses on defining what an organization is and also describes different perspectives of an organization. According to the definition in chapter one, an organization is "a system of consciously coordinated activities or forces of two or more persons" (Kreitner 502). In a PR Week article titled "CEO Q&A" ING's CEO Arkadi Kuhlman is interviewed about the set up of his company's organization chart along with a few questions of how its composition has recently changed. For example he stated that "the company consolidated corporate, analyst, and product PR under one worldwide umbrella...previously, these functions were handled by separate individuals working independently of one another and reporting to global or regional heads" (Morris 13). The purpose for this, and as outlined in the chapter is to keep an internal motivation and single message of the company. Chapter 17 also defines the four basic dimensions of organizational structure. The first, is hierarchy of authority (who reports to who), the second, is division of labor, third is spans of control, and fourth is line and staff positions. The text also includes an example of how a company's organization chart would be composed.

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