Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chapter 12

Which is better, individual or group decision-maiking?

It really all depends on the issue being decided and on the group that is being included in the decision. For example, in my opinion, it is better to make a decision that affects your health independently becuase in the end, it is you/your body that is being effected, not everyone else's. However, if you are trying to decide how to tell somebody something that is hard to hear, I find it best to ask a group of people (usually peers) on how and when best to approach the matter so as to cause as little harm as possible. Some people share experience or insight that is very valuable that you would not get out of them unless you asked about a specific situation, and these are the time when I think group decisions are best. After all, I am only one person and I have only experienced the events in my own life, so it is not easy for me to look at things for certain other perspectives. The complication with group decision-maiking though is that it can very easily start fights when disagreement arises and it can also confuse people by offering too many alternative options. I personally like to keep things as simple as possible and avoid conflict at all costs, however I generally like to get several people's inputs before making a decision because I can be very indecisive. This is why I think that there is no right answer to the question stated above, because it is all situational.

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