Sunday, April 18, 2010

Do you think an individual can effectively manage 24 employees? Explain

 I am sure it is possible for an individual to manage 24 employees.

 Indeed, the employees are men and women who can be implied in the company's values so that they do their best to perform at work. The manager can do feedbacks and reports with the differnt teams, and thus he can see what works or not in his company.

 I think that it is important to divide the whole group in different teams, not to create competitions between the employees but to make them easier to know and to manage.
The best way for a manager to manage his employees is to know them and to be well known and appreciated by them. 

He also can delegate his authority to some subordinates; but he must never lose his acquaintances with his employees. It is the best way to manage them well.

He must show them that he is present, and that he is aware of their requirements. 

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