Saturday, April 24, 2010

Internal communication as motivation for all employees

In recent years, the role of internal communication has become more complex. She can not just be the tool for transmitting information from the hierarchy all employees. His real challenge is that of membership of employees at the company and its values. The goal: to encourage them to invest and thus motivate them.

In the current highly fluid, characterized by numerous mergers, restructuring and innovation, the relationship of employees the company has changed. Since the 90s, the speech did more to consumers only limited to communication on products but has sought to convey an overall picture of the company. The reorientation of internal communication flows from this development.

Internal communication is a vehicle for mobilization, but the manager has been vital for the individual motivation of its staff, mainly because of its relationship with them daily

To successfully develop the involvement of employees through communication, we must first reflect on what creates motivation. An employee will be motivated if he knows why and to what he's working. We must therefore give meaning to what is requested by entering its contribution in a company project.

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