Monday, April 26, 2010

Chapter 14

Communication is the key in any relationship, and most importantly at work. Communication by definition is "the exchange of information between a sender and a receiver, and the inference of meaning between the individuals involved." Now that we are advanced in technology and we have the internet, it is easier to communicate. CEO’s can send a letter to share holders, managers, and employees just with a click on the send bottom. There are other mediums used to communicate such as face-to-face, telephone calls, voice mail, video conferencing, writing memos or letters, meetings, and bulletin boards. Choosing the appropriated medium depends on the nature of the message, the audience, the topic to be informed, and finally the personal preferences. Whatever is the medium used it is important to communicate clearly, so the receiver understands the message and avoids any possible misunderstanding. In the class activity completed on Wednesday, we saw how poor communication affects the performance of the employees in a company. I think that it is really important to keep the employees informed of any changes in the company regulations as well as the performance of the company because all these factors affect the employees. By having open communication between managers and employees, the company can work together to solve problems and ultimately be more successful.

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