Sunday, April 4, 2010

How comfortable would you be working in this sort of confrontational environnement? p376

At Google's, they use the functional conflict, which serves the company's interests. This is a way of management. Maybe because people have been working there for awhile; thus, they know very well each other, and are not afraid of what the other think. 
I could not work in such an atmosphere. For me, the conflict is something to avoid, and not to look for. This does not able me to work better nor to be more creative. This is more an ambiance that afraids me: I a mafraid to say what I think, because of what the other people will think of me. The conflict is a situation that totally stops me to express myself. I do not feel free to say what I want, because I think that people are too angry to listen carefully to what I mean. So I prefer keeping quiet. 

Even in everyday life, I avoid conflict, because I prefer doing concessions and agree with what people say not to make them angry. 

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  1. I completely the same way. I am an introvert for the most part so I tend to avoid conflict. I fear that whatever I say may just increase the problem so I tend to stay quiet. Though this the case, I do see conflict as something that may be useful to a company. It provides people a way to be able to be more creative. I guess it would be up to us to be able to adapt to a situation like that, especially if we work with a company that would use functional conflict.