Sunday, April 11, 2010

Informational Technology

With the growth of technology brings many different possibilities to your work environment. It is now fast and easy to send a coworker a message from your home, office, car or train. E-mail, or electronic mail is an instant way for you to contact all or anyone specifically through your computer. There are many pros to this but there are also downfalls.
Pro: reduce costs and paper mail, eco friendly, fast and easy, increase teamwork by sending information to everyone, increase flexibility of employees.
Con: distracting, junk mail, information overload, security system costs, neglect of other media such as phone calls or even in person meetings.
Information is not always private so be careful what you include in the e-mail and double check the recipients. Avoid doing group lists and forwarding junk mail to all employees. This causes distraction and unnecessary time spent reading and deleting these messages. It is often a good idea to put the main point of the message in the subject box so that those who do not need the information can discard it.
E-mails are very beneficial to the professional environment but be careful what you send and how you send your information out.

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