Friday, April 9, 2010

Chapter 5

Bringing emotions into the workplace can be a dangerous thing to do. It is important that people be themselves and feel comfortable at work, but there should also be boundaries to the amount of personal life/qualities that they should show in the office. Once people feel like it is ok to start crying or opening up too much, they might lose their professional attitude that is necessary for an efficient working environment. It is ok for employees to be able to express themselves and feel like their co-workers care by opening up to them, but I think that instances like crying, yelling, or opening up too much to employees should be avoided if at all possible. The danger that comes with this is not just losing the professional setting, but it is also in divulging too much information that might cause people to view you differently than they might have otherwise and also in annoying people who really do not care to know that much about your personal life. I think that there needs to be a balance in the amount of personal life and being professional in the workplace. Too much of an “all business” attitude makes people feel uncomfortable and unwelcomed, but too much personal business in the workplace distracts from the work/tasks and can make people just as uncomfortable.

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