Monday, April 12, 2010

Chapter 15: Three Possible Influence Outcomes

In chapter 15, the authors, Kreitner and Kinicki, explain that there are three possible influence outcomes, which are commitment, compliance, and resistance. It is defined as enthusiastically agreeing and demonstrating initiative and persistence while completing the assignment. The best outcome in an organization is commitment because the target person’s intrinsic motivation will energize good performance. According to laboratory studies mentioned in the textbook, commitment occurs when people rely on consultation, strong rational persuasion, and inspirational appeals, and do not rely on pressure and coalition tactics. In addition, commitment is also more likely when the influence attempt involves something important and enjoyable and is based on a friendly relationship.

In a research study conducted by Robin K. Dreeke, his article reports on the significant role played by self-motivation and self-improvement in becoming effective leaders. It explores how self-motivation has helped a special agent pursue his dreams and not give up easily when he comes across challenges. On the other hand, through his self-motivation he is willing to commit to any task he is faced with. By committing to difficult moments when also failing, he discovers his strengths and weaknesses and develop effective solutions to problems which result in accomplishments.

Source: Dreeke, Robin K. "Leadership Spotlight: Self-Motivation and Self-Improvement." FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin 77.8 (2008): 9. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. Web. 12 Apr. 2010.

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  1. Commitment is so important for every aspect of life, including our career. It doesn't matter how much an employee knows or how well he or she performs, if the employee is not committed to what he or she is doing, then their performance can only be so good. When employees are committed to their work and find value in it, then not only do they perform their tasks, they perform them extremely well. When they are enthusiastic about their job, then, oftentimes, they will also seek to find ways to improve what they are doing and are more eager to help a company improve its structure and organization so that they not only they do well, but the company does well too.