Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chapter 14

Reflecting back on the case study we read today in class about how the notice of the company policy being changes from 5 years of service to 12 years of service in order to receive certain benefits was sent out in an e-mail, I realized how much we really do depend on technology, especially in circumstances that make it inappropriate. What has become an increasing and somewhat disgusting trend is the whole "dumping you over a text message" thing. It is really sad that people have come to hide behind cell phones and computers when facing something awkward or uncomfortable. I can't say I have never chickened out and confronted someone via text message when I should have said it to their face, but nevertheless it is a bad habit that we are all falling in to. Nothing is formal anymore. In fact, many people even feel awkward getting a phone call nowadays becuse they are so useed to texting. One reason I really prefer texting is because I have time to respond--it is not immediate like a phone call--and I have time to think before I speak, which has proven to be a problem of mine in the past! It is extremely casual and is often a means of hiding. In the case study, I feel like the e-mail was sent as a barrier between the people and the problem. In general, I think we need to start manning up and telling people important things to their face rather than hiding behind technology.


  1. Ani, I agree. I think that it is sad that humans are loosing touch with each other. Their are no real connections or relationships anymore. Emailing a teacher creates less of a relationship than an actual face to face meeting. And for the record, dumping a girl over a text is just way easier.

  2. Too much of a "good" thing can indeed turn it into something as you said, "disgusting." I believe that everything, even technology should be used in moderation. Determining whether or not something is appropriate to send over email or spoken face-to-face should be considered at your own discretion.