Monday, April 12, 2010

Influence Outcomes

In today's workplace, at times it may get a little hectic and you may feel like you need some help. You may have multiple projects in your hand and need a little help from a co-worker. You finally get up the nerve to ask for help but how do you ask. The book provides nine generic influence tactics. They are:
1)Rational persuasion
2) Inspirational appeals
3) Consultation
4) Ingratation
5) Personal Appeals
6) Exchange
7) Coalition tactics
8) Pressure
9) Legitimating tactics

You look at this list and choose the tactic that oyu believe will work the best and you go ask for help. There are 3 possible outcomes that can occur.The first being commitment. This is when your friend enthusiastically agrees and will demonstrate initiative and persistence while completing the assignment. The second is compliance. This is when your friend grudgingly complies and will need prodding to satisfy minimum requirements. The last is resistance. This is when your friend will say no, make excuses, stall, or put up an argument. The best possible outcome is obviously commitment but most people have to settle for compliance in today's workplace.

I also read an article that discussed the use and outcomes of influence tactics while working in a hospital. This is the link to the article.

Journal of Managerial Issues.
"Hospital Professionals' Use Of Upward Influence Tactics." Entrepeneur.

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