Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chap 13

In chapter 13 there was a Real World example of conflict resolution between people and this one was solved outside the work place. Two companies were having relationship problems, so the met up for a three day VIP golf instruction coarse in Las Vegas, this brought them together and they built a stronger bond than they had before. I can relate to this because good coaches always want their players to have strong relationships out side of practice. It is important to be able to connect with your teammates on a deeper level. Whether it be dinner and a movie or shooting pool, the men's basketball coach always takes us out for "team bonding", which is essential in any successful program. The key is being "Honest and approachable" with the people you work with the rest will fall into place. "Spending time outside the workplace together is completely appropriate. It is easier to work with friends then casual acquaintances. Therefore building friendships outside the workplace can actually help productivity."

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  1. Team bonding is an important aspect for groups and teams. I agree coaches and managers often try and bring the group of people together by doing activities such as a dinner or a movie all together. Freindships outside of the workplace can allow to create a environment filled with productivity and less tension.