Monday, April 5, 2010

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 talked about conflict resolution. Employees and managers must work together in their environment in order to have a successful business. Company’s often send employees on a retreat to help build a better company. Our coach sent us to go paintballing to work on our communication skills, teamwork and bonding. If you think paintballing is just shooting it’s not, you have to be in constant communication with your team and to work together to kill the other team. After paintballing you could defiantly tell that there was a better team camaraderie. They’re lots of websites that offer ideas and exercises for team building activities.


  1. I agree. A lot of activities like paintballing, sports, etc. involve more than just fitness and skills. Communication is key in all types of activities including work, school, etc.

  2. It's hard to consider achieving anything without communication. Let along a group orientated task. Effective communication skills can truly determine the outcome of a group project.