Monday, April 12, 2010

Chapter 17

The matrix structure of traditional organization designs are used to promote stronger cooperation to meet goals. It combines a vertical structure with a horizontal structure overlay, which incorporates functional and divisional processes to form a grid. Matrix structures have had bad reviews of being too complicated and confusing because it requires a lot of work to collaborate and use the structure effectively. People don’t know how to compliment and reinforce the matrix; therefore many companies fail to use the structure to its full affect. An example of this would be a division of project elements, where a worker on the matrix has to report to the project manager and the company manager who reports to the CEO. This helps to facilitate communication of company activities to various management personnel so that they have a clearer idea company expenses and revenues. It also allows for more collaboration of different ideas between the different management departments in order to have the best solution for project goals.

On the website, Matrix Organization and project management by, matrix structures are best for project oriented companies, such as construction companies. Information sharing is a required part of the system because it allows for flow of communication. A project manager is responsible for the completion of the project; however, sometimes other people are needed to assist with the job. The functional part of the company is responsible for functional and technical elements required to operate. The functional manager’s job is to ensure that the department is unified and that all information is being exchanged between departments and projects. Matrix structures are used to create cooperation between departments through shared responsibilities. It also helps to reduce costs and conflicts, create a better balance between time and performance, and distribution of authority and stress. This website helped me to gain a more in-depth insight into the advantages and purposes of the matrix structure. In my opinion, this is a very effective structure when a company is working to achieve better team work amongst its employees and to obtain more effective project results.

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