Monday, February 8, 2010

Loci Of Control

In Chapter 5, Kreitner identifies two types of behavior patterns that are affected by how we perceive the outcome of events surrounding us: internal locus of control and external locus of control. Internals attribute outcomes to their own actions, while externals believe that the outcomes occurred from circumstances beyond their control. Furthermore, studies have shown that internals display a more positive satisfaction with their jobs and performance in comparison to externals, who may sometimes experience imposter syndrome.

In the article, "Locus of Control and Academic Success Among Ethnically Diverse Baccalaureate Nursing Students," Wood, et. al. conduct a study on the next generation of workers (in the nursing field), to better understand how they may perceive loci of control. According to Wood, et. al.:
"Students who were more likely to attribute academic outcomes to forces beyond their personal control were more likely to have lower medical-surgical theory grades...The most frequently reported factors students identified as contributors to academic success were good study strategies, persistence, and supportive social connections" (Wood).

Interestingly enough, their views and results tie into the research offered in our text. We oftentimes find extrinsic motivation to be the driving factor in getting the work done, but according to the theory behind locus of control, we should start looking intrinsically to produce greater results.

Source: WOOD, APRIL MOY, COLEEN SAYLOR, and JAYNE COHEN. "LOCUS OF CONTROL and ACADEMIC SUCCESS Among Ethnically Diverse Baccalaureate Nursing Students." Nursing Education Perspectives 30.5 (2009): 290-294. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. Web. 8 Feb. 2010.

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  1. The one thing that I've learned throughout the years of my study is that studying for an exam will yield a greater and better result than what they call "winging it"--or just seeing how things will go. I believe that when a person is more intrinsically motivated, they would feel more confident about themselves and their work, making them more successful.