Sunday, February 7, 2010

chapter 5: branden's 6 pillars of self-esteem

In chapter 5, the question of whether or not general self- esteem may be improved is asked, and the answer is yes. Through Branden's six pillars of self- esteem, people can boost/ improve their views on themselves. The six pillars include: 1) live consciously, 2) be self-accepting, 3) take personal responsibility, 4) be self- assertive, 5) live purposely, and 6) have personal integrity. The six pillars all intertwine and play off each other. I think that by following the six pillars, one can live a more planned lifestyle and live happily. It would also help a person face life's challenges and help a person interact with others. Having high self- esteem is definitely important; without it, a person can feel uncomfortable and unsure of themselves making it harder to strive for something or move forward in life. Through earning self- esteem, the negative thoughts about one's self and the world around them become defeated and outlooked with more positive ideas.

However, there are debates over whether teaching and boosting self-esteem in the classroom is important as opposed to making sure the students understand and master the courses correctly. To me, I think that in order for a student to succeed in the classroom and understand the lessons, the student needs self-esteem in order to fully gain intelligence. Without self-esteem, students would not ask questions, ask for help, and overall participate in class.

I ended up searching more about the importance of self-esteem, and I came across a site that also related self-esteem to other relations such as being open, being creative, being independence, etc. Having a self- esteem affects everything around you. With that, I also found a quote in regards to self- esteem that I would like to end the idea with:

"High self esteem people can surely be knocked down by an excess of troubles, but they are quicker to pick themselves up again" -Nathaniel Branden

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  1. I agree. If a student is feeling down and depressed, they cannot concentrate. Without proper training for the children to respect themselves to work efficiently in the classroom. If kids went through k-12 depressed and being forced to retain knowledge, its a trainwreck waiting to happen.