Saturday, February 6, 2010

chapter 3

Organizational culture is made up of three main types, clan culture, adhocracy culture, market culture and hierarchy culture. Clan and hierarchy culture are both internal factors in the company. The involvement and interaction of employees is what clan culture is directly focused on. Teamwork and collaboration as well as proper decision making all tie into this category. Hierarchy is shown in the effectiveness of a company through efficiency, timeliness and reliability. Adhocracy and market are external factors. Being able to adapt your company's strategy with the always changing market is extremely important for growth. With new technologies rapid development is more available then ever but being able to adapt to these changes is what makes or breaks a company. Stability and control are important values in the market. This is the part of the business you usually see take place through customer satisfaction, productively and profits. The four components affect or are affected by internal and external components through flexibility/discretion and stability/control which in the right balance can lead to success and efficiency of a company.

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  1. Defining the type of culture that an organization has is beneficial when joining one, or getting hired for a job. Depending on the situation, one can have an advantage by knowing how their company functions, and what will be the best ways to achieve personal advancement. If the organization is of market culture, innovation and development are of great concern to a company. Learning to work within this type of mindset may help a company and possibly provide advancement opportunities for somebody if they are recognized for their work.