Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chapter 6

In Chapter 6, job involvement and employee engagement is very important within the work place. Job involvement is defined as “the degree to which one is cognitively preoccupied with, engaged in, and concerned with one’s present jobs”(Kreitner 169). Employee engagement is similar to job involvement but shows an employee’s individual satisfaction, involvement, and enthusiasm for his/her work. Job involvement is positively correlated to job satisfaction and job performance. There are many ways managers can increase job involvement, such as providing work environments through intrinsic motivation. Managers are also interested in increasing employee engagement so that their employees put more effort into their work and will be more committed and loyal to their employers.

In the article, “Help People Thrive at Work: Encourage Employee Involvement”, summarizes the most important conclusions to motivate people to choose work. The proposal by Petzinger is that “being good in business calls on being good at being human.” The sense of personal control will allow people to become naturally productive and that efficiency is intrinsic. Also, Petzinger believes that in order to have motivated employees, a great manager should incorporate “control, measurement of work processes, simplicity, communication, fun and energizing environments, excellent work tools and training, and commitment.” Lastly, the importance of forming teams to complete tasks will boost employee involvement and continuous improvement. I think that all managers should strive to do the simple things right in order to boost employee engagement and job involvement. Once you achieve a happy work environment, people will be comfortable and committed to their work, which will leave them satisfied at the job they are pursuing.

Heathfield, Susan M. "Help People Thrive at Work: Encourage Employee Involvement and Employee Engagement." Human Resources - Business Management Development Jobs Consulting Training Policy Human Resources. Web. 11 Feb. 2010. .

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  1. I believe that job engagement is one of the most important things in the workplace. i have worked in jobs where I hated every second, and jobs where I loved every second, and it showed in my performance. When people are enjoying what they are doing they tend to do a better job as well as work harder.