Sunday, February 21, 2010

Goal Setting

A goal is what an individual is trying to achieve and accomplish. According to Edwin Locke, he believes goal setting has four motivational mechanisms. The four motivational mechanisms are: goals direct attention, goals regulate effort, goals increase persistence, and goals foster the development and application of task strategies and action plans. These motivational mechanisms strive individuals to complete and achieve their goal.

In the article, “The Importance of Goal Setting” by Alex Cleanthous, a cquote stuck out to me saying, “Setting goals is like having a destination before takeoff. If you know where you're going, you can focus on the end result and get back on track if any obstacles get in the way. ” This article then further classifies five areas in your life where you have set, clear goals for yourself. The five areas in your life are finances, career, health, family, and friendships. By setting goals in different parts of our lives it can bring positive impact. Also, goals give us the ability to measure our process of attaining out goals. You discover what is working for you and what is not. I think this is important because it will allow you to set realistic goals that you can actually achieve. Also, I believe that this will allow you to better monitor yourself so you don’t feel intimidated by failure.

Cleanthous, Alex. "The Importance Of Goal Setting." Ezine Articles. 9 Nov. 2005. Web. 21 Feb. 2010. .


  1. It is true that motivational mechanisms, such as the one mentioned by Edwin Locke, strive or encourage individuals to complete and achieve their goal. The TED video we were asked to watch examplifies this idea. Dan explains that Financial or any other types of incentives as well as rewards motivate people to accomplish a task. When we set goals for ourselves, we feel inspired to do the best we can. We feel motivated to turn in an assignment that is of good quality; we not only focus on completing an assignmnet but we also focus on turning in quality work.

  2. I believe that you have to constantly set goals for yourself or else you will just float through life. Goals are a reason for one to wake and have something they are striving to complete that day. Once one goal is accomplished another goal needs to be set.

  3. I agree with setting goals that you can actually achieve, and as you acomplish each one you make the next one a little more challenging

  4. I agree with the 4 motivational mechanisms created by Locke. I believe that we have underlying motivations in everything we do, yet I agree with X. Muldrow in saying that we need goals in our life to keep us going strong and accomplish things.