Monday, February 1, 2010

Culture in The Global Economy

Nowadays we hear about global economy a lot. This is a sign that the economy is working together as one in which governments sign free trade agreement between two nations. This movement towards global exports and imports has been really important to increase the economies of all nations involved. With this unification of the global economy managers have to operate their companies in their own country as well over seas. This requires that managers have a good understanding of the culture were the company is operating in order to increase their sales and expand the company.
According to Justin Martin, a writer for, “The global CEO: overseas experience is becoming a must on top executives' resumes, according to this year's Route to the Top.” In this article Mr. Martin talks about how important it is to have the cultural experience to have a high position in a company so that they better understand the consumer’s needs which is an important factor for success in this global economy.
I had the opportunity to live in other countries and I learned about their cultures, their similarities and differences. From these cultural experiences I learned how businesses are run in different culture as well as the different regulations, social graces, and etiquette that made the business successful within the specific culture.

Martin, Justin. “Business Services Industry.” (2004)

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