Sunday, February 7, 2010

integration of former athletes in working teams

It is an undeniable fact that athletes seek one day to enter the professional world. Indeed, the sports career stops quickly and athletes must find another way to exercise their talents ... Are they really qualified for a more professional world?
The answer is yes. When you look at the level of integration of a former athlete in a team working in a large company, we understand that athletic skill does not go against the business. In reality it is even quite the contrary, companies seeking to integrate their teams of former athletes because they have qualities that others do not. They have indeed a very pronounced sense of teamwork, responsibility, they have a natural leadership and a commitment to performance. They are very motivated and involved in what they do and that is exactly what companies look for.
What are some good things. But beware, they must take into account the fact that others are not former athletes and they have different motivations. They should not believe that they’re still on a football or rugby ground but in the professional world. Therefore it is essential for them to be trained upon arrival at the company. They must take into account the fact that others are there for longer and are not used to behave like athletes.
Integration should be gradual so as not to offend the habits of other workers. But anyway, the arrival of a former athlete in a service can only be beneficial for the company.

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  1. I think it is interesting that athletes get such a bad reputation for being stupid or big-headed, but they actually do have a lot of qualities that people find admirable. While not all athletes are the same, and even non-athletes can posess many of these qualities, it is at least a good reputation for them to enter a workplace, of having a strong sense of leadership and teamwork.