Monday, February 1, 2010

Chapter 3

Chapter three focused on espoused and enacted values in an organization or business. Espoused values are values or ideas that a company or organization believe and enact or enforce, while enacted values are more what the employees of these companies believe. One example of this is Best Buy's "angels/devils" tactic.

"Best Buy CEO Brad Anderson says he wants to separate "angel" customers from the "devils" The angels, according to Best Buy, are customers who boost profits at the consumer-electronics giant by snapping up HDTVs, portable electronics, and newly released DVDs without waiting for markdowns or rebates." Devils, obviously are bargain hunters who wait for sales or take advantage of rebates, etc. This would be an espoused value of Best Buy. The company believes this is an efficient way to boost income and profit, so they enact this idea. The employees may not necessarily agree with it, however, they are required to carry it out.

This means that Best Buy turns this espoused value into and enacted value by forcing the behavior on its employees. I personally find this method of belief to be offensive to customers. After all, would you want to be ignored and referred to as a "devil" when you planned on spending your money at their store? Me neither.


McWilliams, Gary. "The Customer Isn't Always Right." Wall Street Journal January 2005: n. pag. Web. 30 Jan 2010.

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