Sunday, March 21, 2010

What will happen to personal accountability and ethics in a more flexible and global project-oriented workplace? P322

It is hard to figure out how work will be if you can work from a beach with your lap-top.
I think it is a new way of considering the teamwork, but from my point of view, it does not permit a good team atmosphere.
You never meet the people with whom you work, except on your chat. Where is the cohesion of the team? Work is made of relations between people. And I think that it is more difficult to perform at work if you do not know the whole team. 

Off course, many teamwork are well done by people from different workplaces. But I think that there must be a core who works in the same place. 

Moreover, it is thus easier to have your work done by another person, who is more qualified than you: nobody will be able to check. And this is unfair, because people will think that it is your own job.

For me, it is more motivating to work with other people, in a working atmosphere. I feel more implicated in my work, and I want to work as the other do. If nobody never works around me, i think it will be harder for me to do a good job.

So for me, worplace can be flexible and global project-oriented, but people must be aware of what it means; they also must be prepared to that.

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