Sunday, March 28, 2010

Do you think people need quiet space to be creative? p365

  •  Quiet space is necessary if you want to think by yourself
Everybody needs time to make a decision. You cannot make up your mind if you are in a noisy atmosphere, and if you are not alone with yourself. It is the same thing with creativity; all the famous scientists and geniuses have a lot of time alone in their lab, before creating a new invention or product. So must be a businessman who wants to come up with a new dea, a new project or a new marketing plan. He must figure out by himself all the opportunities of the market; he also must do a brainstorming of all his ideas. many people need time and quiet space before creating something. So am I. I need to be alone a few moment if I want to write an assignement or a paper.
  •  You need to be freed from the multiple tasks you have to do, and to be given this time
To get this quiet time, your mind must not be occupied by all the daily preoccupations, such as your appointments, your teamwork and so one. So if you have to create a project, or to come up with  anew idea, the best is to ask for quiet time to your employer, and to have a personnal assistant who can do what you can delegate. Thus, you will be free to take time by yourself.
  •  It is also necesary to share your creativenes by talking with the other employees
When you have spent enough time alone, it is vey important to share your reflections with the team. They will give you new ideas. Indeed, when you spend too much time alone, the danger is to go into a bed direction and to forget the main points. 

Quiet time is really necessary, but it is very efficient when it is followed by discussion time.


  1. I think it is definitely important to have solitary time in order to try to come up with ideas, but it is also important to hear some input from others. When others give ideas as well, you can build from one another, and the overall brainstorming can become more effective.

  2. A while ago I read a quote that basically said that a good idea doesn't come from being silent. I unfortunately don't remember where I read it, but I totally agree.

    Silence is important to be able to think and gather your thoughts. But at the same time, you still need to participate and contribute your ideas.

    Though this is the case, it is also a bad thing if a person does not get enough time to be able to think quietly for themselves. I think a balance of both solitary time and group time is important to be able to benefit and get good ideas.