Monday, March 29, 2010

Five Stages of Group Development

Chapter 10 discusses Group Dynamics. The chapter opens with a brief discussion of networking, and goes into detail of what social networking is and how it is expanding across the globe. The section that I found most interesting in Chapter 10 however, was the Five Stages in Tuckman's Model. Bruce W. Tuckman was a psychologist who created a five stage process of group development in 1965, in order to summarize the human process of creating groups and teams.
The first stage of Tuckman's Model is forming. This initial step involves the group members to "break the ice" and get to know one another on a personal level. This is to make group decision process easier. This period is where you will find group members anxious to find such things as their roles in the group, and who is in charge.
Stage two is Storming. During this stage, members test the leaders policies, and try to determine where they individually fit into the "power structure" (Stages of Team Development). The biggest issue to overcome during this stage is the power struggle, along with coming to an agreement who is in charge.
The third stage is norming, where "rules, values, methods, and tools are established" (Stages of Team Development). This stage is where the identity of the group begins, and they can begin to work together.
The fourth step, performing is where all the planning and preparation finally gets put to use. This is a vital stage where group members should focus on solving task problems.
The last step, is adjourning. This is when the work has been completed. The group comes together and discusses the issues of the wok performed. Then the group "disassembles" and some feel a sense of loss after noting all the work they put into the project.

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