Monday, March 22, 2010

Effective teams

In chapter 11, an effective team works by two criteria, performance and viability. Performance is considered if the team got the job done? Team viability is defined as the team member’s satisfaction and continued willingness to contribute. A work team also needs a friendly organization if they are to be effective. The book says that the team has a better chance of success if they are cared for by the organization with the right technological tools, reasonable schedules, and training. The book also says that teamwork also needs to be rewarded by the reward system. A website listed 5 characteristic of a winning team which are Shared Values, Mutual Trust, Inspiring Vision and Strategic Alignment, Harnessing the Power of Diversity and Building Synergies, Rewards.


  1. The level of friendliness found in teams is essential to success. Proper behavior and respect are like the lube for the machine parts in a team. If conflict arises, cooperation is needed to overcome it, not debate and disagreement, which would probably be found in an unfriendly environment

  2. Of the five characteristics you mentioned are part of a winning team, I feel that the most important characteristic is mutual trust. A team needs to trust each other in order to succeed. You have to trust that if yo mess up your teammate will have your back. I've been on teams that didn't trust each other and not surprisingly, we were not a winning team.

  3. "The book says that the team has a better chance of success if they are cared for by the organization" I found this quote interesting and surprisingly true. Take the classroom for example, if a student feels that a teacher truly cares about their success than that student is more likely to work hard. Same thing in sports, arts and in the work place.