Thursday, March 25, 2010

Group-Aided Decision Making

As a group, many decisions need to made. There are advantages and disadvantages of group-aided decision making. Managers need to way the pros and cons of group decisions and apply it to the current situation. When deciding whether groups should be involved in the decision making process manager need to think of three things. First if additional information would increase the quality of the decision. Second, if acceptance is important. Third, if people can be developed through their participation. Before making the decision it is important to look at whether groups perform better than individuals. After 61 years of research, it is safe to say that groups usually perform better than individuals on a quantitative and qualitative superiority. However, there are still five things to think about when trying to decide between a grouo or an individual. Groups were less efficient than individuals so time constraints are a factor. Groups were more confident about their choices than individuals, this can be bnoth a good and bad thing. Group size affected decision outcomes.Decison making accuracy was higher when groups knew a great deal about the issue at hand and group leaders possessed the ability to effectively evaluate the group members' opinions and judgements. Lastly, the composition of a group affects its decision making process and ultimately performance.
Advantages of group-aided decisions:
1. greater pool of knowledge
2. different perspectives
3. gretaer comprehension
4. increased acceptance
5. training ground

Disadvantages of group-aided decisons:
1. social pressure
2. domination by a vocal view
3. logrolling
4. goal displacement
5. groupthink

A website that helps people go through this process with exercises and more information is on It is a very helpful tool when you are stuck on which decsion to make about decision makinh methods.

"Problem solving and Decision Making."

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