Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tuckman's Theory of Group Development

Chapter 10 discusses Tuckman's 5 stage theory of group development. The five steps are forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. Each step is critically important in ice-breaking, integrating opinions, group cohesiveness, solving task problems, and celebrating a job well done. If all the group processes do not occur, the group may not be fully mature or effective, resulting in decreased productivity and results. Each individual member also goes through this development process, overcoming various personal issues as related to the entire group. This might include realignment of values with the group's, increasing motivation, or overcoming job challenges.

Tuckman's theory as discussed in Exploring Leadership: For College students who want to make a difference," is described in terms of the relationship leadership model. The Relational leadership model defines leadership as dependent on the relationships we have with others. The book displays aspects of the model that might help the group successfully deal with each stage of its development. For example, in forming the group leaders must "be inclusive and empowering. Make sure all the shareholders and stakeholders are involved. Seek diverse members to bring talent to the group. Model the processes of inclusion and shared leadership. Identify common purposes and targets of change" (Komives, 221). Although the OB text goes into leadership in later chapters, Exploring Leadership provides insight into group development's and Tuckman's relationship with one style of leadership.

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  1. I like the celebrating the job well done part. There's nothing like the relief and accomplishment you feel after finishing a job or task with the team. Although ice-breaking, integrating opinions, group cohesiveness and solving task problems are also very important.