Monday, March 1, 2010

Chapter 9: Goals

In chapter 9, goal setting is discussed, and two methods of goal setting is introduced: performance outcome goals and learning goals. Goal setting is definitely important in the work world due to meeting deadlines, getting assignments/ projects done, and improving/ moving up on your position. Goal setting helps workers focus on certain tasks and subjects making it easier to achieve and work harder; goal setting helps prioritize. When workers have a goal to reach, it gives them motivation to work towards that goal, and workers tend to work more persistent and harder. Also, through goals, workers may learn to apply knowledge and learn new aspects and work factors. Goal setting is seen as a motivational technique.

There are two methods of goal setting like I mentioned. I researched and found an article arguing that performing outcome goals are better than learning goals in the work world. In the article, it says that learning goals mainly focus on the individual and their use of knowledge and gaining new information and techniques. The article argues that in the work world, if someone is focused on learning goals, the company may deal with lagging of that employee due to their need for learning. On the other hand, the article then says that without learning goals, people involved in performance outcome goals may disregard the learning aspects involved in the job activity.

I think that in order to work efficiently and meaningfully, one must definitely set goals for themselves. Through goal setting, workers must learn in the process in order to reach their goals. I don't think one method is better than the other, and I do think that the methods must intertwine in order to work hard and grow in the work world.



  1. Although goal setting is good, sometimes workers will only focus on reaching the goal and not focusing on the quality of their work. They may get a bonus for completing 100 projects in a month, but the projects could be of poor quality that actually harms the company. This example is similar to companies that employ quotas. Therefore, I think that when setting goals, the employees should find a balance between reaching the goal and creating quality work.

  2. I agree, goals should be set in balance to completion and creating quality work. You do not want your employees rushing through tasks not caring what they are doing. It is important that employees get something out of the work that they are doing. This will better help the company and help the employee grow as an individual as well.

  3. I agree that goals encourage efficiency and higher job satisfaction. Without setting goals for yourself, you are basically coasting through life sans-meaning and that is not meaningful for anybody. This would also lower job performance, as people are less happy with their lives and dont feel as motivated to further their careers.