Sunday, March 21, 2010


The ability to successfully work in a team is challenging but is an important skill to learn. In chapter 11 a typology of teams is addressed along with where each come into play in the workplace. Advice teams are created to broaden information base for managerial decisions. This type of team has a low degree of technical specialization and coordination with other workers. Decisions, selections, suggestions, proposals, and recommendations are the intended output or advice teams. Production teams are those who handle the everyday operations. There is a low degree of technical specialization and a high degree of work with others. The work given to these team members is repetitive and requires minimal training time. Tasks much be passed on from one group to another so knowing how to work with a variety of people is very important in productions teams. Third team type includes research groups, planning, architect, engineering and development teams that specialize in projects. Creativity and the discussion of new ideas is a major component to a project team. Finally is an action team which is pretty obvious and probably one of the hardest professional teams to join. Examples of this are athletic or performance teams which have both a high degree of technical specialization and coordination with others. Ensuring the right type of team for the job in an important component to a successful work environment and efficiency.

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