Saturday, March 27, 2010


In Chapter Four I read about ethnocentrism. I also learned about ethnocentrism in speech and rhetoric because it is one of the worst qualities or mindsets that one can walk into a room with. Ethnocentrism, as defined by the book is, "the belief that one's native country, culture, language, and modes of behavior are superior to all others." Many cultures and people as a whole have gone through hell because of people believing and thinking their culture was superior to other cultures they encountered. Some cultures that will immediately appear on the list, or at least mine, are African Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, Muslims, and Jews. History has shown us that these cultures practically were to an extent pushed close to the brink of extinction and/or barbaric and inhumane treatment. In the book is states that having an ethnocentrism mind set is bad in a business setting according to extensive research conducted globally, and it leads to many problems within an organization. Most recently we have seen an utmost contempt to people who are Muslim or whom have ties to the Middle East due to the events of 9-11, and I personally believe that this is an injustice that the multitude have to pay for the sins and atrocities of a select few. However, this just goes to show how people can be easily influenced by the government whom had much propaganda of getting people to feel animosity towards Muslims. While many people would like to believe that the government is objective to the matter the truth is that they are not, and of course they will show us the things they want us to see, and they will conceal images, and information they do not wish for us to know. My personal view on this is that there are good and bad people alike in every culture and we must all be aware of this fact and accept this truth, and not be so quick to judge and point fingers.

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