Sunday, March 28, 2010

Decision Making Styles

In chapter 12 on of the major points explained were represented by figure 12-1, Decision-Making Styles. The four categories on this grid are Analytical, Conceptual, Directive and Behavioral. Directive style are usually oriented toward task and technical concerns during decision making, have a low tolerance for ambiguity and value orientation. Analytical is a decision making style that looks for alternatives and more information, it has a high ambiguity tolerance but a low value orientation. Behavioral is a more open minded style which has a lot of social interaction and has a high level or value orientation and a low tolerance to ambiguity. Finally conceptual is a problem solving style that considers many options and future possibilities. It has a high tolerance to ambiguity and value orientation. These all describe the combination of how a person perceives and comprehends stimuli and how they respond to information. Although almost every individual will make a decision differently, thier specific style will fall under one of these four Decision-Making Styles.

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