Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sustainablity and Business

In chapter 3, the dynamics of organizational culture is explained, and a specific look into values is examined. One of the kinds of values discussed is espoused values; espoused values are the stated values and norms that are preferred by an organization.

An example of a company that fulfills a sustainable environment would be TOMS Shoes. The company believes in "one for one," which means for every shoe bought, another pair is given to a child in need. The shoe uses little leather compared to other sneakers like Nike and Adidas. Also, the company isn't just for profit; helping out children in developing companies is one of their main missions and reasons TOMS created their company. TOMS Shoes is partnered with non- profit organizations as well for example Friends with TOMS.

Many companies would not give free items for every product purchased, and by doing so, TOMS is set apart from all types of apparel retailers. Because of TOMS belief towards donating, his company is built from that and has sprouted. It is very risky in doing what TOMS Shoes does for profitable reasons, but it is very important to give back to the community especially when many consumers have purchasing power.


  1. My bad. The title is wrong :P
    *Values and Business

  2. TOMS shoes definitely has set its own path in the business world. This is the kind of beneficial cooperation we need in our market. For the same price this company donates much needed shoes to the needy. You know when purchasing these shoes your are not paying that inflated price because of the brand but what you are paying is helping someone you never met. Inspiration is what started TOMS shoes and that is key in making our future a better place.

  3. I like TOMS shoes because of what it does. Although it is risky to give away a pair of shoes each time someone purchases from them, however, it sets a good example to other companies. It also creates a good image for the company because the public views it as a charitable company. If I had the chance, I would personally buy a pair of shoes from TOMS so that a child in need can receive a pair as well. Costs of giving away a free pair of shoes might seem high to you, but manufacturing an extra pair isn't as costly as it seems. Also TOMS shoes can write off this type of activity as a deduction in their tax incomes, so they shouldn't be too affected financially. TOMS shoes is a company that produces many good outcomes from it actions.

  4. TOMS shoes has created marketed a concept of business that although is not new, is a style of business that is not found often in the world. Non-profit organizations are known for operating without making profit, obviously: but how often do major companies or small business consider operating for the betterment of humanity rather than their bank account. TOMS is a company any Organizational Behavior student should study.