Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chapter 4

Each culture has different ways of interacting and training employees. In Chapter 4, it addresses the training needs to fit the local culture. As an employee looking for work, you must look into how each different culture interacts. In the book, they address what is important in the workplace in Brazil, China, and France. You must learn to handle certain situations that you might find peculiar in the workplace. For instance, In Brazil what may seem like fighting or yelling to a trainer during group discussions is normal communication behavior. Being aware of this different behavior will allow you to not feel threatened or off guard.

In the article, “Understanding Cultural Differences in Business” by Susan Brown, she explores the reasons to “how differences in culture affect business communication and conduct.” When people get involved in international business, they must indulge themselves in the cultural differences. The article touches on some of the terms in the chapter that they suggest to follow if you get involved in international business. People must identify if the culture is monochromic v.s polychromic, explicit vs. implicit, individualism vs. collectivism, and masculinity vs. femininity. Also, they must look at power distance and uncertainty avoidance. This article grabbed my attention and stresses the importance to learn and adapt to culture in order to not fail. Having a well-rounded understanding of cultural differences will allow you to grow as a business person and have the ability to be sensitive towards them.

Brown, Susan. "Understanding Cultural Differences in Business: How Differences in Culture Affect Business Communication and Conduct." Globalization. Web. 28 Jan. 2010. .

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  1. It's truly interesting how vast cultures can be. to know that something simple like a conversation can be taken the wrong way if you don't know the culture, like the example you gave with the Brazilian workplace, serves as a good forewarning. With us being business majors, it's pretty vital we don't offend people because of cross cultural differences.

    Thanks for the heads up; I'll keep it in mind if I walk into a room full of yelling Brazilians at a business office. :)