Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chapter 2

Organizational behavior is important to understand when working in any type of business environment. The decisions made by an employee have an affect on their co-workers, customers, and the business in general. When deciding what to do the employee must focus on the most ethical choice while abiding by the guidelines given by the company. Technology provides endless opportunities to put your decision making skills to use. For example many more cooperate employees are working from home because it is much cheaper for the company and the availability of easy, fast access to the same online networks. This creates the opportunities to take long breaks, record false hours, web surf and online shop. Cooperate companies track every decision made by the employee through telephone, computer, and video monitoring to prevent these leisure activities. There is an ethical conflict on both sides of the matter which brings up the question what is too much? Many other obstacles are to be faced with the introduction of new technologies and a large focus of organizational behavior lies on the decision making process.

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  1. One question that your blog post raises for me is this: Should company policies (like working from home) be designed around protecting the company against those who would abuse the privilege or those who will be more productive and happier because of it?