Sunday, January 31, 2010

Google. They're doing it right.

Google is an ideal example of a company that has unique organizational culture and socialization; perhaps that is why they are deemed one of the greatest companies to work for. After reading the excerpt located at the end of chapter three, I can conclude that Google is pretty much full of win.

The reason that Google is so successful in today's day and age is because they have a very different viewpoint on their employees compared to the conventional company. They take risks and invest heavily into their own, and it pays off. According to the article by BusinessWeek, Google provides employees with free food (11 gourmet cafeterias), massages, laundry services, $5000 credit towards a purchase of a hybrid car and even heated toilets. The list goes on, but my envy stops me from listing every single benefit. Now, you might ask how all these unnecessary benefits help drive the company towards profit. The answer is because Google thinks all these expenses are worth it if it makes their employees happy in the long run; the money also never breaks out of the administrative costs which helps.

Google created a very successful organizational culture in both theory and practice. Employees are the foundation and building blocks of a company and Google acknowledges this.

Google's Culture is Truly Unique. Business Week, Oct. & nov. 2008. Web. 31 Jan. 2010. .


  1. On another note. I feel that this entry is very relevant and amusing. What I appreciate most about this is the writer's awareness of word choice in that he avoided using the same adjective repeatedly, such as, "great" and "greatest" and using the word "ideal" instead. Also, the simple quirks throughout this piece including "...Google is pretty much full of win..." adds color and interest; clearly, the writer has his readers' intrigue in mind. All in all, I would say that this evaluation of Google's success through its employment benefits is superb and meaningful. I would give this writer a well-deserved, freshly-baked cookie.

  2. My boyfriend works at the Google cooperation and really enjoys his job. His friend that also works there once said "I screwed myself for getting hired here for my first job because I will never want to work anywhere else." They offer free oil changes, have scooters to explore their "campus," all of the cafe's offer all organic products from local markets. You can bring your pets to work and they have a shuttle that picks you up just about anywhere. Although $5000 towards a car is amazing the best perk in my opinion is TGIFridays. Each Friday they throw a party with free wine beer and food for all of their employees. CHEERS!

  3. i find this to be a very good method of managing. I know from first hand that a manager or business owner who finds serious work to be most important. the manager took himself way to seriously but doesnt really know a lot about professional managing. it was a small office and talking to any one of the few coworkers was met with scorn from the manager. I dont understand how a business owner expects productive workers when they are constantly kept unhappy. I find googles methods to be similar to what i would imagine doing. provided i had the funds to do so. I would put on my cool face and reap the benefits.