Sunday, January 24, 2010

How does the sustainable development demand to manage the diversity?

Most of the Chapitre 2 is about how to manage the diversity in the world today. An other big issue of this world is the sustainable development. And they’re linked.
Nowadays big global firms are asked to do sustainable development. It’s based not only on the environmental issue as we often think but also on economics and social one. Managing the diversity appears as a huge component of the sustainable development that companies have to deal with.
As a matter of fact to improve their results and compete as equal on the globalized market, companies are encouraged to feel really involved in the sustainable development. That means they’ve to manage the diversity to face the currently goals to be the best.
Global organizations have been created in order to reinforce companies’ involvement in sustainable development like the Global compact of the United Nations. Even if there are no sanctions, companies can sign this charte which show their engagement. The global compact is a list of many principles you’ve to deal with when managing a company. Big firms can also integrate the DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainable Indexes) if they’re seen as leader in sustainable development and so in social issue. Such initiatives make the fight against injustices a current priority. Companies want to be recognized as the best one in sustainable development that is a very important value to have today, especially in the world we’re currently living in.
In other words the management of diversity is a key component of what companies want to get involved in, namely the sustainable development.
By making a good, precise and well-adapted management of the diversity companies reach the new vision of the ideal social politic which is required to reach the level of sustainable development demanded.

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  1. This is a very important point that many people in the sustainable business world miss. They tend to think that sustainable business is only about the environment. But a diversity of perspectives, especially the perspectives of people in cultures where they operate, is essential.